Elas Duas is a multidisciplinary studio founded by Claudia Oliveira and Isabel Bourbon.
Based in the city of Guimarães, Portugal, our work merges tradition and technology into new collaborative and immersive experiences.
We try to find parallels between the old and the new and create new life out of old artefacts and traditions in multimedia projects that turn familiar interactions into new wondrous experiences.


Véloscope is a kinetic installation that transforms 12 bicycle wheels into a zoetrope like machine. A stationary bicycle is attached to the installation through interconnected bike chains. A user can sit and pedal the bike to power the installation, making the wheels rotate. There are different patterns and shapes placed on the wheels and their rotation creates the illusion of motion by display of the sequence of drawings.


Baloica is an interactive sound installation that transforms a swing set into a musical instrument. A kinect captures the motion of the people on the swings as they swing back and forth, triggering different sounds. The more people are at the swings, the more complex the music gets. Baloica is a collaborative experience as users search for consonance and harmony between their swings, trying to find pleasant sounds and compose their own tunes.


Cata Sopros is an interactive sound installation. A collective musical instrument made with paper windmills that transform the users’ breath into sounds.


Umbra is an interactive installation developed for the exhibition Alumia, a commission from the city of Porto to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Historic Centre of Porto as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The installation is reminiscent of the night of São João where people release paper balloons into the sky, illuminating the city with their light. The installation of suspended balloons gently motions above the picturesque street Rua da Vitória while on the floor lights are projected onto the floor that interact with the people passing by.


2018 Noite Branca, Braga Portugal
2018 Criatek, Aveiro Portugal
2018 Gnration – Open Day, Braga Portugal
2017 Science Gallery Dublin – Sound Check, Dublin Ireland
2017 Vira Pop, Braga Portugal
2017 Alumia, Porto Portugal
2015 Elektricity Festival, Reims France
2014 Museu de Alberto Sampaio, Guimarães Portugal
2013 Guimarães Noc Noc, Guimarães Portugal

Av. D. Joao IV, 525, 5 esq.
4810-531 Guimarães PORTUGAL